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Our response to Covid is ever evolving. While our lobby remains closed, we are no longer requiring masks to enter the building with your pets but we still recommend it. You’ll see a few of our staff members have elected to continue wearing masks too, so don’t be shy if wearing a one makes you feel more comfortable!

When do we invite clients to come in with their pets?

When do we ask clients to wait in their cars for the duration of their visit?



PLEASE ALLOW 24 HOURS FOR REFILL REQUESTS. Our staff is very busy with your pets inside the building. The times available for us to prepare prescriptions can be very limited. By requesting a 24 hours notice, we can guarantee your order will be ready after that 24 hour timeframe and help you avoid a wasted trip. Check out our online pharmacy to learn about having your pet’s prescription shipped directly to your home!

When will our lobby reopen?

Though it’s been more than a year, our long-time clients might remember our lobby as being a friendly, cozy room. We all know cozy is real estate speak for SMALL. The rest of our clinic building is also “cozy”. In the year plus since the lobby has been closed, the request for care has skyrocketed. With 2.5 doctors, we shouldn’t be struggling to meet this demand, but we are because of the aforementioned “coziness”. The obvious answer is a new building. A new building, however, is certainly not an easy answer. In the meantime, we have decided to transform the lobby into an additional exam/treatment room, an experiment we look forward to testing in the very near future.



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